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Heritage Pork and Craft Beer at 5 Seasons NYE

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Heritage Pork and Craft Beer at 5 Seasons NYE


Heritage Pork and Craft Beer at 5 Seasons NYE

ossabawbrewlogosmall Five Seasons Brewing Co. partner/ brewmaster Crawford Moran has a new beer named after a pig. Or more specifically, the rare Ossabaw heritage breed that partner/ chef Dave Larkworthy is getting set to feature on the menu at the Alpharetta and Westside Five Season locations , beginning New Year’s Eve. “We’re very excited about it,” Moran says. “These are the first pigs from Island Creek Preserve here in Georgia. Marc Mousseau, the farmer, has the only 100% registered herd of Ossabaw. “This breed has such a rich history here in Georgia and we’re excited to be the only restaurant right now to have it on our menu.They are free range on his farm, but he does treat them by feeding them our spent grains, so they are well fed.” Island Creek Preserve’s website explains that the pigs are direct decedents of the famous Iberico pigs from Spain which are commonly referred to as “four legged olive trees” because their tasty fat is high in Oleic Acid, the same heart healthy fat found in olive oil. Ossabaw Island Pigs arrived in Georgia from Spain with the Hernando DeSoto expedition in 1539 nearly 180 years before Georgia became the 13th […]

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