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Beer’s Perfect Match

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Beer’s Perfect Match


Beer’s Perfect Match

iKeg beer app Perhaps you are new in town, out for the night and looking for the latest craft beer creation or craving for your favorite brew, but don’t know which bars have the beer that will quench your thirst. In today’s world, you would need to start by going to a bar, hoping that your craving would be on tap, and if not, perhaps asking some local beer lovers you meet where you could go to find what you’re seeking. While this might be a great way to make new friends along the way, you may spend several stops until you eventually find your hops.

In an ideal world, you would pull up an app on your smartphone, search for your craving, find the nearest bar that has it on tap, and be on your merry way. That world is not far away. With SteadyServ® Technologies’ recent acquisition of PintLabs, the technology to make this dream come true is nearly here. SteadyServ’s iKeg™ technology allows our current clients – brewers, distributors and retailers to determine the volume of their beer selection to ensure they have the right amount in the right places – at the right time. Combine that […]

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