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Boulevard Brewery Breaks Ground on Major Expansion

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Boulevard Brewery Breaks Ground on Major Expansion


Boulevard Brewery Breaks Ground on Major Expansion

Press Release: Boulevard Brewing Company today announced that it will soon break ground on a $12 million expansion of its Kansas City brewery. The project, dubbed “Cellar Five,” will consist of a 3,600 square foot single-story fermentation structure supporting six 1,000 barrel fermenters, alongside an 8,400 square foot, two-story utility and process building. When complete, it will increase the brewery’s fermentation capacity by 40% to well over 300,000 barrels.

“We’ve been planning Cellar Five for the better part of two years,” said Mike Utz, Director of Engineering. “It’s an exciting and challenging project, as it will house our largest fermentation tanks to date. The new structures will complement the appearance of the adjacent Cellar Three, with design elements drawn from our Brewhouse Two building.” Boulevard Brewery Cellar 5 Expnsion 2 Kansas City-based Rau Construction has been selected to act as general contractor. CRB Engineers is the design lead, with Kaw Valley handling geotechnical work and PMA Engineering serving as structural engineer. Key equipment will be supplied by Krones AG.

In conjunction with Cellar Five, Boulevard is also investing $2.5 million in a new effluent equalization system and filtration centrifuge. Both are expected to come online by mid-2015.


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