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Craft Beer Goes Commercial

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Craft Beer Goes Commercial


Craft Beer Goes Commercial

PORTLAND, Ore. ( TheStreet ) — When you’re drawing the line between small beer brewers and their plus-sized counterparts, commercials seem to be a fairly logical line of demarcation.

Anheuser-Busch InBev spent $1.9 billion on marketing expenses in North America alone last year. Its competition at MolsonCoors spent nearly $1.8 billion promoting its brands last year. That combined $2.7 billion would be about 20% of all craft brewers’ retail sales in 2013.

It’s also more than three times the $739.1 million in net revenue that Boston Beer , the largest publicly traded craft brewer, generated for all of the year. When you’re competing against marketing power that’s better funded than any brewery you could throw at it, that pretty much takes big-beer tactics such as commercials off the table, doesn’t it?

Not necessarily. This year is about to see a slight uptick in craft beer commercials thanks to some strategic spending by some of that community’s larger brewers. For the past few weeks, North American Breweries ‘ Seattle-based Pyramid brand has been pushing its IPL variety through commercials embedded in banner ads. Also home to the Magic Hat, Genesee and Portland brewing companies, NAB and its nearly 340,000 barrels of production […]

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