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Eastern U.S. Craft Brewery Expansions Abound

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Eastern U.S. Craft Brewery Expansions Abound


Eastern U.S. Craft Brewery Expansions Abound

Posted 15 hours ago by David Eisenberg As the craft category continues to grow at a double-digit clip — dollar sales are up nearly 23 percent in the latest IRI scans — brewers across the country, in an effort to keep up with growing demand, are investing heavily in facility expansions.

A crop of mid-size and regional craft breweries located in the eastern half of the U.S. recently announced multi-million dollar expansion efforts which will enable those companies to not only expand production capabilities, but in some cases distribution footprints as well. Here are a few updates:

Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis, IN.

Sun King Brewing last week announced plans to invest $8.8 million in a new brewery and tasting room in Fishers, Ind., about 30 minutes north of its current Indianapolis headquarters.

The proposed 40,000 sq. ft. facility, which is expected to be complete by July of next year, according to WISHTV , will enable the brewery to increase capacity by 28,000 barrels and accommodate future growth. Currently butting up against capacity, Sun King is on pace to produce approximately 28,500 barrels this year.

“The whole goal is, of course, first and foremost, to make more beer,” Sun King co-founder Clay Robinson […]

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