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Elysian Bramble On Saison

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Elysian Bramble On Saison


The Beer Sherpa Recommends: Elysian Bramble On Saison

Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival Saturday, March 29th 11am-10pm & Sunday, March 30th 11am-9pm Saraveza, 1004 N. Killingsworth in the Bad Habit Room More info The beguiling saison, so seductive in its contours, so alluring in its possibility.  The stripped-down saison is a wonder of flavor.  With just pilsner malt and a modest gravity one can, through the wonders of farmhouse yeast, coax enormous character out of the beer.  And what character!  It’s suggestive of fruit, spices, herbs, and flowers–any or all of the above.  For a number of years now, brewers have detected in these flavors the invitation to accentuate.  Why not add real fruit or spice or flowers to enhance the native qualities?  It’s an unavoidable instinct; I have been gripped by it myself. But the instinct is usually foolsgold.  Those amazing flavors come from the alchemy of fermentation, and they emerge clean and well-articulated when there’s nothing to get in their way.  Once you start loading the kettle up with enhancements, though, you usually spoil the very thing that inspired the creativity.  Subtraction by addition.  But not always.  I’m a saison fiend: if a saison is on the menu, it’s always the first beer I […]

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