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Episode 1: Pumpkin Portals

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Episode 1: Pumpkin Portals


Episode 1: Pumpkin Portals

Welcome to the first episode of Co-Hops! This Episode, Brad and Ryan take a look at Portal 2 Co-Op, while enjoying the amazing Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale.

Who are Ryan and Brad you ask? They are two long-time friends who are passionate about Good Craft Beer and Video Games. Brad graduated with a Chemistry degree and, after exploring the world of Home-brewing for a couple of years now, loves any beer with a good strong flavor, especially IPA’s. Ryan is a former bartender, who has an extensive knowledge of many different craft beers and is always seeking out new ones to expand his ever-growing library. He especially favors the maltier beer, such as stouts. Together they form the duo that is Co-Hops!

Next Episode Released Tuesday, 12/2/14

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