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Falling for Lebanese Beer

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Falling for Lebanese Beer


Falling for Lebanese Beer

Colonel Lebanon

BATROUN, LEBANON— Let’s face it, brewing is not something the world is expecting Lebanon to get into right now. The small country is facing another summer of discontent, the latest crisis being a string of terrorist explosions and a colossal influx of Syrian refugees. But, then again, the Lebanese are proven survivors and face challenges in their stride.

Take Jamil Haddad for instance. Following a lifelong passion, Haddad launched his Colonel microbrewery this summer in the northern seaside town of Batroun. His family has lived here for generations, just a short distance from where the brewery sits. Growing up he loved distilling and brewing with his dad and years later he honed the process attending courses on brewing in the United Kingdom and Germany. After graduating from college he worked in marketing and sales for a decade, until he decided to pack it all in and take out a bank loan—for the love of beer. His other passion in life is windsurfing so he aptly named his brew after his favorite surf spot, Colonel.

As soon as you walk into the Colonel’s yard you realize that this isn’t a normal brewery. No industry noise, no loud machines, just […]

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