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Falling in love with craft beer in SF

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Falling in love with craft beer in SF


Falling in love with craft beer in SF

Bartender Stellar Cassidy has made craft beer her specialty. You will not find a sign with Church Key’s name on it, but if you search enough North Beach storefronts, you may eventually stumble across the illuminated, old-fashioned key that subtly announces the presence of this cozy beer bar. Originally from Southern California and educated at the University of San Francisco, bartender Stellar Cassidy is no stranger to cool things that fly under the radar. Her work has appeared in numerous alt-lit magazines, she has published two books of poetry and her involvement in the local spoken-word scene has included hosting open-mic nights at Brainwash and performing street poetry at 16th and Mission streets.

You must get a lot of comments and questions about your first name. Yes, I have hippie parents. My dad’s an old hippie and my mom’s a Generation X hippie.

Being from Los Angeles County, was it hard to adjust to San Francisco’s different pace and culture? No, we traveled to San Francisco a lot because my parents were always going to hippie gatherings, and I’ve always wanted to live here. It’s always felt like home to me.

What did you major in at the University […]

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