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First Look: Astoria’s Buoy Beer

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First Look: Astoria’s Buoy Beer


First Look: Astoria's Buoy Beer

The town of Astoria, where the Columbia River drains into the Pacific Ocean, has become one of the best places in Oregon to drink beer.  In the space of a half-mile stroll, one can proceed from Fort George Brewing to Astoria Brewing (.3 miles) and then on down the Riverwalk to newly-opened Buoy Beer, smack dab on pilings in the river.  It’s on the site of the former New England Fish Company of Oregon cannery (a 90-year old structure; it’s not clear how much of the current building dates back that far).  The principals in the brewery are a group of guys who had various things to bring to the table ( story here ), including Dan Hamilton, a homebrewer with a penchant for lagers.  They brought in Kevin Shaw, a brewer whose professional experience dates back to Star Brewing in the mid-90s.  He also brewed for Bert Grant, got a degree at Siebel, and then went on to work for 14 years at BridgePort.  The focus on lagers is the hallmark of Buoy’s line (at least now), and they have a helles, pils, and cream ale on tap now, and a dunkel is apparently part of the regular […]

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