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Touring the Columbia Beer Scene

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Touring the Columbia Beer Scene


Touring the Columbia Beer Scene

The World Beer Festival Columbia returns to Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday, January 23. We hope you’ll join us in Columbia to sample from more than 250 beers and ciders.

As a resident of South Carolina for a little more than a decade, I’ve been in the thick of the state’s evolution from that of a desert of quality beer options into one of the most progressive states in the Southeast when it comes to beer. It started with Pop the Cap South Carolina in 2007—a grassroots push that resulted in breweries being allowed to begin producing beers higher than 5% alcohol by weight (or around 6.25% ABV). Then there was the enactment of the state’s Pint Law in 2013 and the “Stone Law” in 2014—named for its goal (albeit unsuccessfully) of luring Stone Brewing Co. to open its East Coast facility here. Thanks to these changes, breweries and brewpubs have been afforded even more rights, and with them the opportunity to grow.

In the past three years, Columbia has gone from having no production […]

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